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A metal surface finisher with an excellent friction reducing effect. It is particularly recommended to add to the lubricating oil of the required quality in diesel or used (above 100,000 km) gas and petrol engines. It is applicable where forced lubrication is used, and friction reduction is required.
Due to its particularly fast and permanent integration mechanism Metabond C is particularly suitable for the treatment of engines of diesel-fired vehicles exposed to dynamic loads. It resembles Metabond M, however, due to its lower solvent content it is suitable also for the maintenance of petrol engines worn to a greater extent.Entering into chemical reaction with metals METABOND C tempers their materials when pressurised. The resulting extraordinarily hard and very smooth surface resists damages caused by friction, and offers ideal terms to lubricating oils even under extreme loads. Due to the significantly (min. 60%) reducing friction and to the minimisation of wear the lifetimes of the machines considerably increase, and their operation requires much less energy (significant fuel saving). The operational temperature and the noise level reduce, and the movement of parts with less resistance result in the increase of output at the same time. When continuously used in new equipment the lifetime may even triple.Since Metabond C integrates into metals rubbing against each other, and tempers their materials, it eliminates cold-start problems, and offers a protective effect for a certain period also in case of partial oil starvation or loss of full oil pressure. It can be mixed with all synthetic and mineral based lubricating oils and greases. Oil treated with Metabond loses its lubricating quality later, and thereby oil change intervals increase, and the environmental load reduces. During its use oil mud and metal contamination reduces to a minimum within the machines, and the concentration of toxic gases significantly lowers in the exhaust gas.No unbeneficial changes may occur in the machines in case of proper use.
Field of application: Petrol, gas, Wankel and turbo engines (above 100,000 km in petrol- and gas-fired cars), switchgears, differential gears, drive gears and industrial equipment in a number of fields (railways, navigation, power plants, sewing machines, etc.)
Use: No skill or tool is required, it is simply added to the fresh lubricating oil at a ratio of 5-10% rate (minimum 0.5 dl Metabond C to 1 litre oil). Not a single treatment is required, and it must be added in case of all oil changes preferably (naturally, if a machine not requiring the change of the lubricant is treated, it is not necessary to add Metabond C either). The mixing ratio is 2.5% for post treatment. It is assumed that an oil of the required quality is applied. (It is applicable as a fuel additive also in two-stroke engines, where 4 to 8 ml Metabond C is added to 1 litre of petrol or mixture. In two-stroke carburettor engines Metabond is added always to the petrol, and not to the two-stroke oil.)
Warning: Do not use open flame or sparkle near it! Do not let it spray onto lacquered or painted surfaces! Packaging units: 250 ml, 5 litre


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