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It is an inhibiting, metal surface finisher specially designed for hydraulic equipment, which is added to the hydraulic oil of the required quality. It is excellent for the treatment of new and slightly worn hydraulic equipment, and has outstanding results in a short time.

Entering into chemical reaction with metals Metabond H tempers their materials when pressurised. The resulting extraordinarily hard and very smooth surface resists damages caused by friction even under extreme loads. Due to the considerably reducing friction and minimisation of wear the lifetimes of machines significantly increase, and their operation requires less energy with higher efficiency. With its use the operational temperature, vibration and the noise level notably reduce.
Beyond the above features Metabond H has components specially designed for hydraulic systems. Thereby the oil consumption reduces and the sealing rings get swollen in hydraulic systems with sealing rings. Triple lifetime is guaranteed when continuously used in new equipment.
In addition, Metabond H proved to be very efficient in the field of robotics. Treatment of oil hydraulic systems with Metabond H in a ratio of 2 to 5% significantly reduces the operational temperature and the wear of components, allowing higher levels of pressure without vibrations. Smoother operation and friction reduction result most often in the reduction of operational costs and in the increase of production with lower energy demands and less maintenance and downtime.
No unbeneficial changes may occur in the machines in case of proper use.

Field of application:

Metabond H is beneficial to moving equipment and continuously operating machines with high speed, load and temperature. To mechanical tools, hydraulic systems, injection machines, compactors, where rotating blades or piston pumps are used. They proved to be very efficient in robotics.


Its use does not require skill or tools, it must be poured simply in a ratio of 2.5 to 5% to mineral or synthetic based hydraulic oils (0.25 to 0.5 dl to 1 litre of oil). In certain applications the use of Metabond H in a higher ratio (5 to 10%) may be required for the maximum effect. The mixing ratio is 2.5 % for post treatment. It is assumed that an oil of the required quality is applied.


Do not use open flame or sparkle near it!
Do not let it spray onto lacquered or painted surfaces!
Packaging units: 5 litre

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