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It is an inhibiting, metal surface finisher with friction reducing effect specially designed for switchgears, differential gears and drive gears used in the industry. When added to lubricating oils of the required quality it is excellent for the treatment of new and slightly worn equipment, and produces outstanding results in a short time.

Entering into chemical reaction with metals Metabond GT tempers their materials when pressurised. The resulting extraordinarily hard and very smooth surface resists damages caused by friction, and offers ideal terms to gear oils even under extreme loads. Due to the significantly (min. 60%) reducing friction and to the minimisation of wear the lifetimes of the machines considerably increase, and their operation requires less energy (significant fuel saving) - with higher efficiency. Due to its use the operational temperature and the noise level considerably reduce, and its high antioxidant content inhibits aging of the oil. Metabond GT offers protection to machines treated by it - for a certain time - even in case of partial or full oil starvation. It guarantees triple of the lifetime in new equipment when continuously used.

No unbeneficial changes may occur in the machines in case of proper use.

Field of application:
In cars: in switchgears and differential gears, in industry: in transmission gears, new and worn equipment.

It does not require skill or tools, simply add it to the fresh lubricating oil in a ratio of 5 to 10%. Not a single treatment is used, replace it preferably in case of all oil changes. The mixing ratio is 5% for post treatment. Shake it before use! Its only solid matter content is powdered antioxidant, which is immediately dissolved when added to oil, and may not be extracted afterwards. It is assumed that an oil of the required quality is applied.

Do not pour into explosion engines if possible!Do not use in automatic switchgears!Do not use it in Speer differential gears!Do not use open flame or sparkle near it! Do not let it spray onto lacquered or painted surfaces!

Packaging units: 250 ml, 5 litre


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